Welcome to Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training (THIRST)

We are a locally owned and operated fitness and performance facility located in Terre Haute, Indiana. We strive to provide world class coaching and fitness services to the greater Wabash Valley community, using scientific and practical applications to help people of all levels and desires to reach their fullest potential, whether that be on the field/court, or just in life.

THIRST was originally founded by Brandon and Adrian Smitley to help improve the health, fitness, and athletic performance of the greater Wabash Valley community. Together they have acquired scientific and practical knowledge in the fitness industry, and look to apply them to help the community.


Most Popular Services


Key Card Extended Access Membership

THIRST offers an extended access gym membership where members can come in and train at their own leisure with key card access. During business hours, you’re more than welcome to get assistance and coaching help from the staff, while also having access to Terre Haute’s premier strength and conditioning facility during non-staffed hours.Learn More »

Personal Training

Are you looking to have a sustainable workout routine that can help you lose weight, feel better, have more energy, and improve your confidence? Then our personal training program is exactly what you’re looking for. Customized workouts tailored towards your needs and goals, with flexible scheduling and trainers to keep you accountable. We’re ready to help you accomplish those goals!Learn More »

Sports Performance Training

THIRST offers the best Sports Performance Coaching in the Wabash Valley. See how strength, conditioning, agility, coordination, and durability can help your child improve their performance on the field or court.Learn More »

Why Choose Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training (THIRST)?

Our mission at THIRST is to provide world class coaching via functional based movement patterns, to help the greater Wabash Valley community improve their health, fitness, performance, and lifestyle.
Thirst Training
Thirst Training

Meet The Team

The history of THIRST was a project started by Brandon in 2012 when he returned back to Terre Haute to work on his graduate coursework at Indiana State University.

As a high level athlete and powerlifter all his life and growing up in the Terre Haute community, he realized the lack of a facility where athletes and community members could go to achieve their desired results. Slowly over the course of five years, Brandon built up a garage gym to facilitate his needs as a competitive powerlifter.

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For Parents

At Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training (THIRST) we get a variety of common questions from parents concerned about strength and conditioning for their children. To help better inform you as a parent, we’ve taken some of the common questions we get, and placed them here all in one place to help you.


Does lifting stunt my child’s growth?

This is certainly the number one question we get at THIRST when meeting new parents and athletes. This is an old myth that lifting weights will inhibit growth of children.Learn More »

How will my child be supervised?

THIRST is always staffed by a professional strength coach. As such, all our coaching is being monitored by a certified professional to ensure everyone’s safety.Learn More »

Won’t my child get bulky and slow down?

There has been a common concern that the youth athlete will get bulky, look like a bodybuilder, or slow down to due strength and conditioning training.Learn More »

Why don’t you offer speed and agility classes?

Part of being a good athlete is being stronger, faster, and more resilient than your competitors. The number one thing that helps improve speed and agility is strength.Learn More »


Making progress and steps towards your health, fitness, and performance goals is simple with our personal training.



THIRST is the Wabash Valley's only training facility that is designed for strength sport athletes interested in powerlifting, strongman, olympic weightlifting, and bodybuilding.



One of the biggest challenges with fitness is creating time and having a plan and structure. Here at THIRST, our Adult Fitness Program is a truly unique service designed to give you a budget friendly training option.

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