The service provided by Brandon and Adrian at Thirst has been vital for Adelynn‘s development. They not only provided superior consultation and guidance on athletic performance improvement and resistance training, but they also gave her a safe place to feel belonged. What is so critical in youth athletics is a community that surrounds the athlete and helps develop them into a young adult. This development does not only occur through athletic competition it also occurs by feeling part of a family, by having adults express interest, and by feeling cared for. To me that’s what Thirst ultimately provides – a place to be greeted as you come in the door, a place where you feel at home and where you know everyone. Brandon and Adrian visit many different competitions of all of their clients and get to know their parents. They become a part of the young athlete’s extended family.

Brian HarrisSports Performance Parent

A high caliber facility with quality of equipment selection you are NEVER going to find anywhere else. However, what I am impressed most by are the owners, Brandon and Adrian Smitley. When it comes to strength sports and athletic development, you won’t find anybody more passionate or dedicated than these two. I often make the 90 mile commute just for the training atmosphere. When you walk in, you’ll get it too.

Dr. Tyler Crooks, DCChiropractor

If you are looking for a great gym I highly recommend. They not only made sure Brenden was lifting the right way but they made it fun and personal for him. Brenden grew as a person and with his confidence tremendously. The two owners Brandon and Adrian Smitley are awesome! They are both so inspiring as they are going through a battle right now and I’ve never seen them without a smile on their face and excited to see each and every member. I only hope that I can realize how to live my life as happy and joyful as these two are no matter the circumstances in life. Brenden also wanted to make sure I mentioned Andrew their intern who enjoyed picking on! We will definitely be going back and keeping in contact with this awesome gym!

Jared GoinsSports Performance Parent
Travel Basketball

Kaya has gained so much strength and confidence…Best decision and investment we have made for her.

Darrnel TannerSports Performance Parent
High School Cross Country/Track & Field

Adrian is always attentive to her client needs, taking great care to ensure an injury free experience. She will adapt your workout according to what you want to accomplish while at the same time pushing you to gain more strength and mobility. She also has a super fun personality! I highly recommend Adrian for you strength and training needs!

Becky SmithPersonal Training Client

Brandon is one of the best young coaches in the country. He has taken his experience as one of the best powerlifters in the world, and applied that dedication to helping others.

Wil Fleming, CSCS YFS USAWOwner, 1Kilo

I absolutely love training at THIRST. I Would highly recommend joining the family if you are looking to train somewhere that has great people who will support you, an amazing atmosphere, and also has educated personal trainers.

Lyndsey MulveyWomen's Basketball Player
Lincoln Trail Community College

This is by far the best gym in Terre Haute, hands down. If you’re looking to get better then you should be in here. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness. They offer group conditioning classes, olympic lifting platforms, powerlifting equipment, specialty bars, and sports performance training for ALL ages! Best of all they are both qualified coaches and trainers, AND they will actually work with you individually to help you reach your goals! If you or anyone you know is looking to get better go check this place out!

Jon NeelCompetitive Powerlifter

I have trained at many gyms in the past and this one is by far the most superior. The friendly atmosphere is unmatched by any training facility I have ever visited. Brandon and Adrian accommodate gym goers at every fitness level, from hard working individuals looking to improve their health to serious competitive athletes. The equipment is top notch with an abundance of specialty bars and equipment. If you are serious about changing or life or taking your training to the next level I challenge you to visit Terre Haute’s best gym THIRST. #DontMiss

Don HumphriesCompetitive Powerlifter

I have known Brandon for many years.

Over those years I have watched Brandon grow from an extremely dedicated student and athlete, one with a drive to be their best; to a coach who displays the same discipline and drive for excellence.

Brandon applies his skills and experience as an athlete to his business, and consistently delivers the highest quality product to his clients.

He also consistently applies his work ethic as a student to his clients, and business, always learning.

Availing yourself of his services will be a decision that you look back on many years later as the right decision.

If you are in need of an outstanding coach, Brandon has my highest recommendation.

C.J. Murphy, MFS, C-ISSNOwner, Total Performance Sports