Brandon is one of the best young coaches in the country. He has taken his experience as one of the best powerlifters in the world, and applied that dedication to helping others.

Wil Fleming, CSCS YFS USAW
Owner, 1Kilo

I absolutely love training at THIRST. I Would highly recommend joining the family if you are looking to train somewhere that has great people who will support you, an amazing atmosphere, and also has educated personal trainers.

Lyndsey Mulvey
Women's Basketball Player
Lincoln Trail Community College

This is by far the best gym in Terre Haute, hands down. If you’re looking to get better then you should be in here. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness. They offer group conditioning classes, olympic lifting platforms, powerlifting equipment, specialty bars, and sports performance training for ALL ages! Best of all they are both qualified coaches and trainers, AND they will actually work with you individually to help you reach your goals! If you or anyone you know is looking to get better go check this place out!

Jon Neel
Competitive Powerlifter

I have trained at many gyms in the past and this one is by far the most superior. The friendly atmosphere is unmatched by any training facility I have ever visited. Brandon and Adrian accommodate gym goers at every fitness level, from hard working individuals looking to improve their health to serious competitive athletes. The equipment is top notch with an abundance of specialty bars and equipment. If you are serious about changing or life or taking your training to the next level I challenge you to visit Terre Haute’s best gym THIRST. #DontMiss

Don Humphries
Competitive Powerlifter

Brandon is a thoughtful and dedicated online coach. I came to Brandon after having undergone cervical spinal fusion surgery. After powerlifting and training hard for years, my surgeon told me I was not allowed to lift more than 100 lbs (including the bar) and I could not lift overhead. I didn’t know how I would continue to train until the restriction was removed. This was no problem for Brandon. He came up with a fantastic program for me that kept me in the gym, kept me training, and kept me fit. As I healed-up and the weight restrictions came off, Brandon helped me build back up, and I am able to deadlift over 400 pounds again and am squatting more than I ever have.

Better still, I feel stronger and less beat-up from training than I used to before I started using Brandon’s programs. With Brandon’s help, I am now training for my first powerlifting meet and am looking forward to new PRs.

Alan Melamud

I first met Brandon in the winter of 2013, around the time Purdue Barbell started and at the very beginning of my competitive powerlifting experience. The FIRST DAY I ever met him, he cleared up all my most glaring squat-problems and deadlifted 500 lbs in a regular workout in a commercial gym with a horrible bar. Ever since then, things have only been MORE impressive. Having experienced Brandon’s personalized programming myself, I can say, without a doubt, that he can and will take you to the next level. Even further, as the Founder and President of Purdue Barbell, I can say I’ve seen him work with many more than myself. He brings together a personable character and a knowledgeable expertise.

All of his programming and coaching is rooted in science, but, more importantly, has been tested in the trenches by himself and at least several of his clients. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Brandon, both as an athlete myself, but also as the leader of Purdue Barbell.

Michael Tanner
Founder and President
Purdue Barbell

Brandon is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate young coaches in the industry.

Nick Showman
Showtime Strength and Performance

Brandon Smitley is part of team “elitefts” and fills the role as one of our Q&A Coaches, Sponsors and Authors. While we are promoting Brandon’s online service we do not make a cent off this. No affiliate fees, kick backs, or free training services have been exchanged for this endorsement. This endorsement has been EARNED through the excellent results he has had with his clients and other team members of

We do not offer his services for purchase on our site because it is too hard to know his availability. We have no doubt Brandon can help take you to the next level.

Dave Tate
CEO & Founder